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Unfortunately, Apple said, the beta installations have already converted some versions that would no longer be supported when the beta program ends: If you installed a beta version of mac OS High Sierra, the Fusion Drive in your Mac may have been converted to Apple File System.Because this configuration is not supported in the initial release of mac OS High Sierra, we recommend that you follow the steps below to revert back to the previous disk format.There, a local regular at my hotel restaurant who is not accustomed to taking no for an answer had gotten desperate.After proposing for the 87th time that I have intercourse with him, he was grasping for anything that might change my mind, trying eventually, wildly, "We can do this at gunpoint if that sells it for you." And actually, it did, yeah. Guns on security guards in front of banks and gas stations.The second and potentially more serious issue is related to a key security feature being introduced in High Sierra.Researchers with security company Synack say that Secure Kernel Extension Loading (SKEL) – a feature Apple intended to use as a safeguard against rootkits and low-level malware infections – can be easily bypassed.

This flavor of mac OS will also be the last to support 32-bit apps on Macs.Guns on kidnappers who make a living snatching rich people, guns on rich people who are afraid of kidnappers.Guns on the gang-raping monsters who prowl the flimsy encampments of the earthquake homeless.While annoying, the problem would fall squarely within the realm of risks users take when signing up to run public beta builds.Those who aren't using the beta builds, meanwhile, should not have much of a problem because the general release builds will not yet convert Fusion drives.

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